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Manartians from the manarat schools especially Manarat Jeddah are invited to join us.Termas and Conditions Apply.


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Did you not wish for a manaratjeddah alumnus site or any of the manarat’s in Saudi Arabia. The condition is any of the Manarat schools in Saudi ,you have studied. Second thing at least you finished grade 5 by 2003 or before.

You have met the conditions!Great guy join us.

If you were student of Manarat:

  • Manarat Boys School (English)
  • Manarat Girls School (English)
  • Manarat Boys School (Arabic)
  • Manarat Girls  School (Arabi).

If you belonged to Manarat Jeddah,Manarat Riyadh or any other Manarat pls join us.


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Pls give the following information :

  • Your First & Last Name
  • Name of School you went to (Manarat)
  • City
  • Section
  • Years you attended
  • Year you gave 10th grade exam
  • Teachers name (you studied under)
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Thanks for your co operation.




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