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The manarat schools started in Saudi Arabia. An idea bought and implemented by the Prince Muhammad Al Faisal. He was known for innovative peojects. So was his father King Faisal,one the greatest leaders of the Muslim world. The king was not only handsome but a man with personality and conviction.


Manarat Schools were started to provide quality education  to the increasing expatriate population in 1977.

It was the first English medium school where even Americans and British initially studied until they had their own schools. The school had a theme :Islamic theme which taught morality and religion. Regular prayer was of Zuhr prayer or noon was conducted. All Muslim students prayed the Zuhr prayer in school. Non Muslims   students were exempted. Quran was taught and every Muslim student had to memorize surahs of the Quran. This however difficult for some who took it grudgingly would have realised its importance after 30 years or after. Where we are in era of GEN X. This is what formed the foundation of every manarat student. In addition to the quality teachers who imparted education in a non traditional Asian and Arab way where the teacher was very strict and you don’t get to say much. This freedom allowed us to think out of the box.

There is a well known saying: “When money is lost,nothing is lost. When health is lost,something is lost. When character is lost” I think Manaratians have realised the importance of manarat Jeddah or any other Manarat in their lives. We really need schools which impart moral education to the youth.

The sections we did not mix with:Arabic section and the Girls school. The Girls school was a totally different building ,so not applicable. But Arabic section kids we rarely talked or avoided though we were students of same school. But we played football sometimes with these guys after school in school premises. Cool nice guys. You realise that now. Big names like Gazzaz,Amoudi ,Erfan..These kids were there. Oh some of them were and still are. They more money than every body else But this attitude is not the Manarat theme. Even after 30 yrs you can speak with Manaratians like they are “family”.This I what I thought and Mr. Yusuf confirmed by saying it (like a family “)few days ago.

I used to think in school ,oh Arabic section ,just avoid them. Rich and proud Guys. I was wrong. 

In the late eighties outside I notice a great ,groovy car. I was in 6th grade ,so the guy who owned was a Saudi from Arabic section.
He opened the car door for me . I went in and the car had no buttons ! I was like huh.? Oh it was time,when the 2nd Channel was showing popular sitcom:The Knght Rider .(We use to joke. I used to say the Saudi version of Knight Rider would be:Abdullah Knight ) The boy was unusually polite and nice,being from the Arabic section ,Manarat Jeddah.(that’s what I thought then).
He told me the cars name was Lagonda,worth about 500;000 Saudi Riyals in 1985. All buttons in it were drawings or touch. A concept not known in the 1980s among the students of Manarat:6rh graders.
 Later I learned the boy’s dad was head of Saudia City. He owned 42 cars . No wonder guy brought :Silver Shadow Rolls Royce,another day Mercedes Benz 1000 another day :Lagonda! But he was not proud about it. Think of this now.
The things is the gap between  Arabic and English section of Manarat Schools has been reduced greatly,thanks to the internet.
Think the professionals  that are part of the Manarat family. 
About 10,000+  professionals from the same family .That US if you include:
  • English Section Boys School
  • English Section Girls School
  • Arabic Section Boys School 
  • Arabic Section  Girls School.

These for sections from all of Manarat Schools in Saudi Arabia.

Where ever you are join the Manarat Family.

Each of our input can chafe this community  for the better.


The Manarat Jeddah boys school English section had a great Head Master. It was Kamal Hussein.I first saw him in class 1 :1979. Then there was a  gap,but he came back in other grade I think. He knew my name but probably forgotten about the kid in class 3. I did ask him in class 3 about him neing nice or something.  He explained so nice taking me in his office,I still recall. I remember  he used to bring his daughter to school.The strict ,stern but nice teacher who rarely shouted contributed in the creation of fine professionals excelling in all sectors.

A Manarat Jeddah student was :

  • Moral,Islamic 
  • Knew Good English
  • Arabic
  • Had a sense of being the best
  • Did not get intimidated by any one
  • Would write to President of a company if necessary to complain
  • Prayed 

The Manarat student was free from social evils of society during the time  his infrastructure  was being built.

Among Manarat Students are :

Interestingly Bangladesh  has a Manarat School:Manarat Dhaka.

It was founded by the Saudi Ambassador Sheikh Foud Abdul Hameed Al Khatib    to Bangladesh in 1979.















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