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Mr Yusuf.

Mr. Yusuf came in our class in 1986. That was the year easy stuff or way of education was gone. The fancy beautiful pictures of the American Scottforesman books were gone.

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English books were inaugurated by Mr.Lambert and Mr. Rhodri Jones. The writer of the book called :New English First.

It was boring and really painful the transition from Scott to Rhodri.

Scott Foresmann or Scott was like beam me up Scotty.

This is the time came Mr. Yusuf. The 1st day he was very cool and later on became strict.

Some of his methods were very interesting  and painful.

He would enter the class in a good mood then after 15 minutes or so he would go :Surprise you have test. Later on they became known as surprise tests.

Boy were they a pain.  We were used to the version of you guys have test on so and so date.

But Mr. Yusuf was different.  He used to be in good ,jokes but then he went on strict mode.This was the equivalent of windows developer  mode or something.

You don’t make jokes ,it is that he looks at you ,and that is enough.

If it went further than the look,it was get out.

The class went to support Mr.Yusuf when a person was expelled from class.

He used to say to of Omar Sherif,a bright student from Egypt  with braces.

Sherif works like a dog

Mr. Yusuf haves us some projects :

  • Pinhole Camera
  • Periscope
  • Photosynthesis.

I still remember  near my house collecting plants for science project outside my home in 1986.

The same year Haley’s comet visited us in Jeddah and it supposed to come very 86 years.


Mr.Mirza Baig

Mr. Mirza came in Grade 6 :1985 , he was from Hyderabad, India. He had a style for teaching. He used to joke but when he was serious he meant business. In the end we learned mathematics in way,where we thought maths was not hard.

He used to joke with Sherif Omar  more when took our religion subject in Manarat. One time,in Religion class,he was talking about Ramadan , Sherif said something about the Moon. He said :”Not your moon.”.The class  laughed.

Once in Religion class ,he said : Any play using money is Haram:Lottery ,Gambling.

I had asked:”Sir how about monopoly..?” He was angry.

May Allah forgive him,he installed values which contributed as the foundation of our professional education.


Mr. Chowdhury

He began our class from 1985, but I think he taught us religion in 6th grade. But he started teaching biology in grade 7,that’s when we knew his specialization was Biology. He was reserved ,smiled sometimes yet taught very well.But I was not interested  in Biology. Though I managed to get a B in O level.I think I might able to get an A if I had studied  well.Actually  was not good in memorization.

I remember Faisal,  Mr.Chowdhury’s son,he was very shy and quite.Maybe because his dad was teacher and was strict. Faisal  was a class junior ,clas of 1990 I think.

Well Mr,Chowdhury spends his time between Lahore and the United States.

Mr Shabbir

He was our class teachers in Manarat Jeddah and also science teacher.

He was always smiling.We learned,he had his education in UK.That is why he had a British Accent.I guess he was the youngest,actually he looked so.

His main area was Physics, Phyics For You helped in teaching complex concepts in Physics in a simple manner along with nice presentation and smiling nature of Mr.Shabbir. I mean he could presented these complex concepts without a smile!

I cherish his taking library class :one book in particular.

That was of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

Mr. Stuart Lambert.

He was from Scotland and he came in Grade 5 to our class. That was 1983. He had a smile,which meant something.

He was very proud. The era of good old English teachers changed. I think Mr Lambert taught us Geography from grade 5. He had a 1 meter ruler for hitting if home work was not done.

Then he used to give 100 lines :I will do my home work or I will not talk.There were  classmates who would write first 10 lines and the bulk ,something gibberish.Then at the end rest of the lines.

I will not talk in class

He used to some favourite students  like :Rashid Azeem Khan.

One time Zaid  was called so Mr.Lambert could punish by the ruler.He placed Zaid’s hand on his hand. Then he went to hit him,Zaid moved his hand away.It hurt Mr.Lambert.He was embarrassed, with a blushing smile hit Said again,harder.

One of his quotes:”The English talked with a forked tongue” in the semi Scottish accent.

He taught us English Language in 7th Grade (1985-86). I remember he underlined the word zamindar since the dictionary  he had did not have.After several years later I found it in the Oxford Dictionary.

He taught us discipline and basics in English which served as a foundation.

I still cherish Mr Lamberts reading :The Silver Sword 

Mr. Christopher Morgan.

He came in grade 8 as in English teacher. He was a tall bearded Englishman who taught the mastery of the English Language.

I wished he came earlier like 7 th grade ,it would have benefited immensely. Not only English, he taught us PE . He was very good soccer player. One time while playing soccer or football in PE,had an accident. I was defender ,and Mr Morgan the forward .As he approached with the football ,I obstructed and six foot something man fell all over me.He was angry but did not say anything.

He introduced cricket to us. In other grade,he pressurized US take English Literature.Web were hesitating but he took the guarantee.

Some of the books  in Literature :

If you guys  have not read these books,pls do them now.

Before reading these books never knew who George Orwell  or John Steinbeck was.

It later prompted to read on my own:

  • Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
  • 1984 by George Orwell.


As a whole, our teachers together contributed much to our development  as a person.This I realise after 30 years.

Like Mr.Yusuf said few days ago: Manarat students and teachers  are a family.


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  1. My colleagues and students from Manarat Jeddah
    I hope everyone is safe and in good health during these difficult times. I have been in touch with many of my ex-students and it is wonderful to hear about their successes. Nothing gives me more pleasure then to hear that the young men I had taught have become successful professionals and playing their role in the society. May Allah swt lead you from success to success and make you happy.

  2. Thank you Mr. Shabbir for your valuable comments. It is the teachers like you who helped us to become professionals in this world. You and the Manarat team has given us valuable education which we realise after decades. What you saw in us ,manarat students,we realise after some 30 years.

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