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The education system of Manarat schools  in the long run made a serious impact on the lives of the students.

Manarat Jeddah had the following  subjects:

  • English
  • Science
  • Religion
  • Qur’an
  • Arabic
  • PE or Physical Education.

Actually it was made for the expatriates initially until certain time.


The English teachers came from England that is either from:

  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • England.

This had an effect that is :both in creating a level of confidence as well as create quality accent.

The Arabic teachers were from Egypt,giving Arabic pronunciation as well as fluency. One could really learn to speak good Arabic,but many of the expatriate students did not spend much time in Arabic. Just to get a passing mark. I used to be good in Arabic,but then Arabic was divided into 3 classes. Very Easy,Medium hard and one for the speakers.

Getting good marks in Easy Arabic school was not that difficult   but it became difficult  in the medium Arabic class.

The thing you realize to learn Arabic now you have to pay or find good courses .At that time ,the student did not have to worry about payment.

When we get an opportunity  we should take advantage of us.

Mr. Mustafa Kamal from Egypt taught religion. Though we learned  the initial things like Sahada,stories of the Prophets.

He taught us to fifth grade (1984) and later it was the other class teachers taking the religion class.


In 6th grade we were taught religion from a book by Ghulam Sarwar.

We did not Ghulam Sarwar was a British Bangladeshi, but it was a good book for a school boy who wanted a basic idea about Islam.

Islam:Beliefs and Teachings.

The book published by Muslim Education Trust.



Khairul Basheer taught was for year in class 8.He taught us concept of Tawheed ,Shirk. Then it was’nt that clear. Now I understand  the importance of this class. (After 30 yrs)

  • Shirk Al Asgar
  • Shirk Al Akbar
  • Tawheed (One Ness of Allah)
  • Story of Prophet Yusuf.


We heard the saying later on:


“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.”

The saying now we realise it’s importantance and the importance of the religion  class in our school Manarat 30 years ago.

We studied the American  books :Scott Foresman initially from Grade 1 to Grade 5.


From Seventh grade came British books. One of the most interesting and booking was New English First by Rhodri Jones.

The American books had pictures  and was easy to grasp. But sudden change to 6th to 7th Grade ,to British books. No pictures. The horror…

The U.S. books were good enough if you were targeting the American System.Though the British books were mire difficult.  Once you passed the British GCE exams ,even if there was a University in Mars,you were prepared to accept challenge. But that was after the A levels (Class 12).

The American books were like Microsoft Windows products. No other operating System except Windows.

Looking back at U.S. science books,it made you think. Think outside the box.

More teacher involvement but with British books,lot of it was within the book.




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