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Manarat Alumni is for students who had studied in Mandarat Jeddah during or part of the time :1978 to 2003.

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  • You can be from English or Arabic section.  Boys or Girls school.
  • You will not post anything that is against religion  or race.
  • You will not post or promote anything that is political in nature.
  • The environment of Manarat (when in school)  should be maintained.
  • Respect for teachers who are in groups,or website is mandatory.
  • Manarat Alumni will not tolerate any backbiting or ill comments on any teachers.
  • Respect of senior students (those who did o levels earlier than you.)  by 2 years is expected.
  • No ill comments(serious )  about any students is encouraged here.
  • Information  given to Manarat Alumni is to be correctand true  information.
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