Manarat Jeddah is a school that is located in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia. This school was founded by the Late HRH Prince King Muhammad Al Faisal in late seventies:1977.

The late prince like his dad King Faisal was a visionary.

Manarat Jeddah was the first English medium school in Saudi Arabia with an Islamic theme.

This was school was founded with the growing expatriates in mind. The management was mainly Egyptian.

Manrarat Alumnus

Manarat Alumnus was founded with a vision to unite all Manarat Jeddah Alumnus in one place.

The original Manarat Jeddah students are spread all over the globe. It is 31 years since I left the school yet looking for other manarat students in the internet. We feel like home amongst other manarat students despite living in different places and span of time.